1- Interacting with SCITEVENTS Calendar Site

1.1- What is SCITEVENTS Calendar Site?
The SCITEVENTS Calendar Site is a platform designed to assist the scientific community in finding relevant events, publication opportunities and other information through its complete listings, user-friendly search and customizable subscription tools. The SCITEVENTS Calendar Site is powered by SCITEVENTS- Science and Technology Events.

1.2- How can I create an account in SCITEVENTS Calendar Site?
To create a SCITEVENTS Calendar Site account, go to the login page.

1.3- Why I have to register?
Some features of SCITEVENTS Calendar Sites are visible to all users. Users without login are able to see all event and journal listings. Access to some parts of the website requires the registration on the website.

1.4- How do I login in the SCITEVENTS Calendar Site?
You should use the email address with which you subscribed to SCITEVENTS Calendar Site as your username, and your password. Once you are logged in to the website, you will be able to change your password if you want to.

1.5- What can I do if I forgot my password?
If you have forgotten your password please select the ‘forgot your password?’ link on the login page and you password will be emailed to the email address you provided during registration.

1.6- How can my e-mail address be updated in SCITEVENTS Calendar Site?
Contact us so that your e-mail can be changed. Your password will remain the same.

1.7- Can I have a Researcher role and add a Call for Papers at SCITEVENTS Calendar Site?
No. To add an event or a journal Call for Papers at SCITEVENTS Calendar Site, you need to upgrade your researcher account or create an Organizer account.

1.8- How can I add an event or a Journal call for papers?
Once you have your Organizer role selected please click on the «Add your Call for Papers» button. You can also click on Events» Add Event or Journals» Add Journals.

1.9- Main Roles: Researcher, Organizer and Advertiser- What is the difference?

You are able to view all call for papers, share and add call for papers to your list. You can also receive updates of subscribed events and journals.

With this account you can add and edit your call for papers. You will be also able to receive updates and statistics regarding your events and journals.

1.10 - Can I have several roles?
Yes. You just need to upgrade your account in case of that, and change the role on the top side of the website.

1.11 - And can I use all the roles at the same time?
No. You need to change the role accordingly with the actions you want to perform in the website.

1.12 - As an organizer, will I be able to list my events and journals for free?
Yes. You can add as many events and journals call for papers as you want.

1.13 - How can I edit an event or a journal call for paper that I have added in the SCITEVENTS Calendar Site?
To edit your Call for Papers please go to Manage Events or Manage Journals and click on the edit button.

1.14 - How do I keep informed of the latest information available and upcoming call for paper in my interest area?
By subscribing events and journals, we will notify you whenever new content is available.

1.15 - What are the main requirements for a Call for Papers to be accepted?
The Call for Papers must contain detailed and relevant information for the users. The URL provided must be complete and not under construction There must be a contact email address or contact form on the conference website. The website must have an English version.

1.16 - Why should I advertise on this website?
Most of our users are business or academic professionals. We can provide targeted advertising for each industry or academic sector.

1.17- How can I advertise on this website?
If you would like to advertise your event, journal or service please contact us.